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Securely Serving a Static Site on AWS S3 with CloudFront
2021-02-25 | AWS Cloud CloudFront S3

For any sadists out there who enjoy the quirkiness of the the AWS permissions ecosystem, you'll love this one.

I've been working on a project recently that involves hosting a static site on S3 and serving it via CloudFront CDN. AWS has some good documentation on the process but I ended up running into a problem that I found to be incredibly frustrating. Since I spent about a full...

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Adding a Custom Domain Name to AWS CloudFront
2021-03-01 | CloudFront

This site is built using AWS S3 for static website hosting, behind an AWS CloudFront distribution. To get the site to be served on the domain we want, we have to setup CloudFront to use a custom CNAME, and enable HTTPS traffic by provisioning an SSL certificate through AWS ACM. In this post, I'll explain how you can setup an existing CloudFront distribution with a custom domain...

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AWS CDK Multiple Environment Configuration
2021-07-15 | AWS CDK Cloud

A good approach to any production-ready infrastructure is to separate out your applications into a develop, staging (or QA) and production environment. These environments help to separate out your testing environments from your live users. In between deployments to these environments you'll likely also run all kinds of tests through a CI pipeline of some sort. In AWS, it's also...

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